Sarah Douglas

Sarah joined the Delisi team in 2018, having served as Legislative Director for Representative Ron Simmons, a member of the Texas House of Representatives.

Sarah is a fervent defender of conservative values in Texas, and has worked on several campaigns, including those of Governor Greg Abbott, Senator Ted Cruz and US Rep. Chip Roy. She is part of the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Capitol Leaders, a year-long policy course.

While a student at the University of Texas at Austin, Sarah worked for UT’s College of Natural Sciences in the UTeach department. After first studying Audiology for two years, Sarah decided to pursue a degree in Political Communications, and start participating in state government. Although she considers her academic pursuits important, it only accounts for a portion of her total education. Sarah says her time as a staffer in the Texas legislature was her the most educational experience, and also solidified her passion for public policy.

Sarah enjoys spending time with her siblings, of which she is the second oldest of seven. Texas is the fifth state she has lived in, and according to Sarah, it is by far the best.