Jarod Love


Jarod Love is the Senior Account Manager for Delisi Communications, a full-service public relations, government and political consulting business. He brings over seven years worth of experience in public policy, political strategy, media and grassroots advocacy.

Jarod began working in politics immediately upon graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Political Science and a certificate from the Business Foundations Program at the Red McCombs School of Business.

In 2001, Jarod joined his first campaign, the John Cornyn for Senate Campaign, as the financial compliance officer. This position offered him the opportunity to combine his two passions, politics and finance. Politics won out as Jarod went on to work as Senator John Cornyn’s Deputy Central Texas Regional Director until 2004 when he left for short stint with Bush/Cheney’s 2004 GOTV efforts in Minnesota.

After the 2004 general election, Jarod decided that he wanted to pursue a full-time career in electoral politics and joined Delisi Communications as an account manager. Since joining Delisi Communications, Jarod has worked on several statewide and Congressional campaigns as well as numerous State Representative and State Senate campaigns. Mike Haley at Capitol Inside describes one campaign that Jarod played a leading role in as “a monumental upset…over the candidate who’d been the frontrunner from the outset.”

Jarod has also helped Delisi Communications expand its “new media” efforts by facilitating the development of media production capabilities for TV, Radio and Internet use. These efforts are helping Delisi Communications provide their clients with a wide variety of new services, including taking advantage of social media and video sharing.